From the recording Desert Ghosts

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Black and White Dress

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I grew up in a black and white town
With one way streets and a one way sound
I moved to the city to live in the gray
I knew I had things to say

To color my world, I got a tattoo
Rented an apartment and I met you
We should have been more careful
We could have been more true
We’ve only ourselves to blame

But I feel good in this black and white dress
With its black and white stripes
Its curves and its stretch
Mama would tell me it’s a little too tight
But Mama ain’t here tonight

I’ve never been good at standing my ground
Raising my voice, sticking out in a crowd
I learned pretty young how to keep my head down
To follow the rules and behave

I sat in a church where Jesus was judge
He knew what I wanted, he knew what I’d done
Right was right and wrong was who I was
I prayed my pride away


And I see you looking so down
Heart on the pavement and eyes on the ground
You’re lost in the shadows of a black and white town
And what they’ll think of you
You tell me you love me but you know it’s a lie
You’re just afraid to make things right
I’m not gonna live for the sins of one night
It’s my life I choose


And I feel good living on my own
Holding my freedom like a rolling stone
Jesus would tell me it’s black and white
But it’s just me tonight