1. Leaves Fall

From the recording Desert Ghosts

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Leaves Fall

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When did I forget that I was brave?
When did time begin to disappear
It wasn’t always hard to live each day
Once it was easy to be here

And I know that leaves fall
And I know that seasons change
And my reasons to have it all are not the same

As a child I was a curious thing
I felt magic in the sun and clouds
I saw beauty in the falling rain
I heard music in the sound

And I know that the leaves fall
And I know that the sun goes down
And I know that the music still plays all around

You know money is a made up thing
Just like time, success, and rules of war
We come as children with our gifts to bring
We learn to hide them wanting more

And I know that the leaves fall
And I know that the bills must be paid
And I know somehow through it all, I’m still the same

There was a time
When I had it all
In a summer’s day
When the sun poured down
And the wind was kind
And the trees were tall
But the summer ends
And the leaves fall