1. Dandelion

From the recording Desert Ghosts

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Dandelion, you are a sun
Your tiny rays of hope
Bloom for everyone

Dandelion, you are a moon
A soft white sphere of stars
A wand of parachutes

Dandelion, you are a wish
Waiting for a child’s breath

Dandelion, you are a womb
You hold another world
Inside each feathered plume

You ride the wind
You scatter seeds
You float and drift
Go where you please

Dandelion, you dream of stars
You dream of travel, of going far

Dandelion, you can’t be tamed
Unlike the other flowers
You won’t bloom in a vase

The tulip opens
A rose unfurls
Your head falls over
Your petals close

Dandelion, you’re in my head
They’ve pulled my roots
They’ve cut my stem

Dandelion, you are a ghost
It is your yellow face
I miss the most

There’s freedom to
And freedom from
I long to open in the sun
And fly away