1. Floating

From the recording Desert Ghosts

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Floating on an endless river
Heart so heavy, heart so light
Can I trust these dreams to carry
My heart safely through this life?

Many feet have gone before me
Many women brave and strong
I can hear their voices singing
Echo through the canyon walls


Floating weightless and uneasy
No roots to tie me to the shore
No safe soil to plant my footsteps
My compass lost, my heart unsure

I have never felt such sorrow
I have never felt such fear
Than I do here at nature’s crossroads
Between my yearning and my years


Like a fish afraid of water
Like a bird with heavy wings
I am a woman torn by longing
For a child and for my dreams

Oh, the river keeps on moving
And the eagle soars the sky
How I long to choose a third road
Leave my troubled heart behind