1. Chasing Ground

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Chasing Ground

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Somedays, I want to stand in one place
Like a tree with its roots in the ground
I want to grow without moving
Live without choosing
I want to watch every sun go down

Life is always changing
Every dream needs chasing
When I hear a new wind calling must I follow?
Or can I stand here waiting?

Spring brings flowers, summer brings the sun
Each day brings work that must be done
In my front yard, there’s an old tree
Where the birds make their home
I’ll watch them leave when it gets cold

Seasons keep returning
That’s a truth I’m learning
Still, I always feel this longing to be the bird and the tree
To have both roots and wings

These old trees live much longer than any human being
Oh, the things they’ve seen
And I wonder what the old trees think of me
And my need to be free

Can they see my changing
Is just a dream I’m chasing?
No matter how far I run I’m always searching for my home
That steady piece of ground