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Santa Fe

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When the wind blows down Canyon Road
I hear the whispers of desert ghosts
Here in the dust and in the stone
I hear old and new dreams calling
It’s New Year’s Day in Santa Fe

We came to see the famous art
You and I, a mile of galleries and gardens
Our new baby in your arms
We walk past visions cast in bronze, brushed on canvas
Carved and living in the stone
It’s New Year’s Day in Santa Fe

A woman walks ahead
Her fancy boots, her long fur vest
She is a woman of means
Through the maze of open doors
We follow breathless and unsure, and I sigh
And say, we’ll never have the money to take one home
You touch my cheek and tell me we’ll just have to make our own

We pass an old cafe, sign says closed for the day
I hear a song on the wind
The ghost from the cafe, she sings her truth, she knows the way
She sings her song for the beauty of being here
I hear her singing just for the beauty of being here

The winds have changed, that much we know
Still how they carry false promises of fame, false promised of gold
I look at you, our baby in your arms
This dream we have to hold
It’s New Year’s Day in Santa Fe