From the recording Forgiving Wind

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Nothing To Dream

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Nothing’s clean in this nowhere town
Nothing to hear but an empty sound
Snow is falling soft on a dirty ground
Nothing to dream, nothing to dream

Just a cigarette and a coffee stain
Dull gray light through the windowpane
Morning comes always the same
Nothing to say, nothing to say

Time moves on, slow like a wheel
Fast like a fire, past what you feel
Dreams die slow, and you don’t even know
How you let them fall so far behind

Steam is rising from my hands
But me and my coffee ain’t making plans
Those days are gone, we understand
Nothing to dream, nothing to dream

A bird flies by, a mourning dove
Maybe if I’d been shown just a little more love
Just a little more love
Maybe I’d fly away, maybe I’d fly away

To where the sun rises like a big red ball
To where the clouds are clear, and I am here still standing tall
Can’t keep the heat inside these walls
Nothing to dream, nothing to dream


The window’s wrong, that face ain’t mine
Who’s that staring back through those worried lines?
I used to be so beautiful and bright
Now, I’m nothing to see, nothing to see

Never did what I wanted to
Never made my big debut
Thought I had just a little more time
But time left me behind