1. Hollow Part

From the recording Forgiving Wind

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Hollow Part

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I knew you when
You told me all your secrets
And I kept them like a cancer
Your stationary dreams
And they grew inside
Till I knew your every weakness
You began to keep your distance
I was a witness to your light

But I needed you to love me
Because I saw the fire inside you
But it disappeared inside the years
Until the fire was far behind you
Until the fire couldn’t find you
And I think of you as I’m driving through
This stretch of road between family and home
My defenses roll down like a solitary window
You just blow which way the wind blows
You find the hollow part of my heart

Was I too hard to love?
Or did I love the hard way?
Asking you to live
True to your heart?
Was it too much to ask?
Did I forget to listen?
Did I fail you in my mission
To leave your stars in the sky?


Still I say goodbye
Every time
Your shadow visits me
Through the whispers of tall trees
But I can’t shake you
You’re the ghost of childhood laughter
With no happy ever after
And no friend to see you through
I still hear you softly dreaming, but I can’t hear you