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Sunshine And Stars

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When she was a child, she was free to run wild
And all through the fields she would ride
At night she would lay down her blanket of hay
Her pony asleep at her side

And she’d follow the moon through the slats in the roof
Her dreams setting sail as it rose
And she’d wake to the sun, this beautiful one
Brushing the hay from her clothes

Sunshine and stars through the slats in the wood
She’d go back to that time
Oh, if she could, oh, if she could

She grew up with ease always aiming to please
And soon she was tall as the corn
The boys saw a prize, not the woman inside
And the jealous girls left her alone

A beautiful girl sits on top of the world
Worshipped and envied and scorned
At night, she would pray, black and blue from the pain
Her beauty was sharp as a thorn


When she fell in love, he was reckless and young
And he kept her too close to his side
Afraid she would leave, his beautiful queen
He made her feel ugly inside

Still she follows the moon as it steals through their room
Remembering when she was small
When the fields were alive with the dreamer inside
And the dream was what made her feel tall