1. Forgiving Wind

From the recording Forgiving Wind

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Forgiving Wind

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I can’t escape the things I break
Nothing ever dies
I’ve been folding thoughts like aeroplanes
But they won’t fly

With heavy stones inside my shoes
I walk with my regret
Either be loved or live to tell the truth
There’s no duet

Hold me now
Hold me now
Forgiving wind of love blow in
And hold me now

I’m not the only one to blame
Still I manage to carry it all
Blindly trying to keep your image un-maimed
Through my fall

But my secret heart has a memory
Of every wrong you’ve done
How I long to set my anger free
And end this martyrdom


I tried to tell you of my worth
You hushed me with words of your own
You said, baby, I’ll love you to the ends of the earth
But you will still be alone


I’ll take these words you never heard
And I’ll send them in a plane across the sky
I’m no fool to think you’ll hear them now
But they will fly