1. Plain As You

From the recording Forgiving Wind

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Plain As You

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I’m taking back my vocal power
And the sleep I’ve been losing by the hour
No right or wrong in what I feel
Each feeling brings a chance to heal

And I’m clear as day, plain as you
I walk the earth, and I live here too
There’s nothing else for me to do
Than find a way to walk with you

When I say yes and I mean no
My path gets buried in the snow
And when I refuse what I desire
I live by someone else’s fire


A word that brings the heart to light
Is worth the dark and sleepless night
And a melody that frees the shame
Is worth the journey through the pain

This road I walk is mine alone
It’s the only road that leads me home
When I lose my voice, I lose my way
And the gifts that come with each new day


I’ll find a way to walk with you