1. Clouds

From the recording Send Me Home

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This town is too small I wish I were a stranger
Walking city streets, I am always in danger
Of a half felt hello coming around the corner
You don’t know me but you’re wondering
Yeah, you’re wondering how I’m doing today

Well, I came here to live and to do what I am able
I had dreams that were new and a heart that was faithful
But I ain’t done much but bring coffee to the table
And go wander in them clouds, I’ve been wandering them clouds
Been wandering them clouds all day

Oh, they sell us dreams in this country
They tell us in America to be all we can be
But the only way it works is if some of us get hurt
And the rest of us keep running after everything they tell us that we need

So you got your big break, and you’ll never have to worry
About the people you step over when your money’s in a hurry
And I’ve got my apron and my shoes here that are walking
To the café around the corner where I’ll open up the morning
But I’ll keep my mind out walking far away

It’s a hard life when you’re living
It’s a hard life when you feel you’re growing old
And you’ve carried your dreams on a million pots of coffee
And your hands can’t find nothing more to hold

I see you staring through the window clutching tight that morning paper
No, the open sign ain’t open, and your eyes are filled with anger
But I ain’t got time to be rushing with you stranger
I will let you in at seven, and I’ll bring your eggs and bacon
Maybe ask you how you’re doing today

It’s a rainy day in this country
Still there’s so much in this world that should make a person worthy
But you stand with your umbrella like somehow it makes you better
Than the rest of us out walking in the rain

But you will never know them clouds
You will never know them clouds
I will lay me in them clouds all day

I’ll go wander in them clouds, I’ll be wandering them clouds
I’ll be wandering them clouds all day