1. Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon

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I grew up where the land was empty
Where the tall saguaros stood like faithful sentries
And they guarded well the desert’s beauty
They never asked for water
They were a witness to me

And it smells like rain, but no rain is falling
And the tears I hold, I hear them calling
But it’s no good, I am deep in the canyon
The river is dry, oh, the river is dry

Change is hard, and it never hurries
No, it wears you down with its sound and its fury
And the still small voice, you could always follow
Has been lost in the echoes of the Colorado


I once had wings but they flew into feathers
They were torn right off my back
In the rush of the waters, I can’t reach you now
From where I’m standing on this path
I lost my wings deep in the canyon
Now, the river is dry, oh, the river is dry

It was a river that cut these scars
Dug me down, carved me out
If you could travel these trails beside me
You would know how high my walls
And how deep my heart