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America The Beautiful

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Oh hush now, little darling
Little darling, dry your eyes
When we lay down in the garden
There will be no tears to cry

Go to sleep now, little darling
Night is falling with the stars
Go and get them, little darling
Hide them close inside your heart

When you wake up, little darling
Don’t be scared of what you’ll find
There are bright lights, little darling
In the darkness of your mind

Oh, the land that we belong to
Sends a cry out with the night
It is hurting, little darling
Please walk softly with your light

We have sent away our children
Little darling, and they’re crying
Cause they don’t know why they’re dying
Little darling, someone’s lying

Please be careful, little darling
Who you let inside your ears
If you listen without questions
You will follow life with fear

Is it dark inside your spirit?
Are you far down in the well?
Don’t you worry, little darling
Love will come and break the spell

But love won’t come on a white horse
Little darling, love will come
Not just for you but for the masses
Who have faces every one

Please remember, little darling
You are one face in the crowd
But the greed that is our country
Makes us feel so one and only
And so lonely

Won’t be long now, little darling
Won’t be long now till it’s time
To remember what is bleeding
And to stop this killing time