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Wide World

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I am a wide, wide world
And you are too narrow to see me
And I'm sick of trying to squeeze into view
Oh, I am a wide, wide world

How can I want you to love me?
When you cannot even hold me?
That kind of love would harm me
But my arms are aching without you
And my world becomes smaller without you

You are so lovely
I want you to love me
But you are afraid for your heart
You are afraid that I'll take it and rip it apart

Because you are a wide, wide world
But you are too tender to open
And you are so tired of hurting from love
Since your wide heart was broken

You say for me it's too easy
You say you just need some time
But darling, I cannot just hold back the ocean
I can't choke the moon and the stars

Look at my arms. Are they down at my sides?
Are they hanging with no room to hold you?
If they are there, it's because I am scared
That wide open you won't let me know you

Because I am a wide, wide world
And your heart is tender and broken
But I am not asking your sore heart to heal
I am asking if I can hold you
I am asking if I can hold you