1. Winter Flower

From the recording Wide World

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Winter Flower

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When I lost my faith in love, I had nothing to believe
Only cold and clouds as far as I could see
I’d go out running in the snow
And I’d think about falling down

The first big hurt steals the breath from every room
Oh, it cut so deep, love lost its eyes and couldn’t bloom
But I heard your shadow singing
And it sang of another morning

Oh, you saved my life in the darkest hour
You were my phoenix fire, my winter flower
I put your record on, and the music turned me around

The world was spinning wild, but your peace was like a train
I stepped onboard, and I never was the same
Oh, the pain rolled by the windows
and the wind began to call my name

I never thought I was a winner, I was far too weak and shy
But your voice reached in, touched something deep, it made me cry
And I’d been dry for years
I was a desert in a winter sky


Cause I was lost back then, could have slipped through the cracks
Would have jumped that bridge, but your voice brought me back
Oh, you took me through the winter, and you helped me build a fire in the snow
There was no blood on the ground, and it’s because of you I know