1. And I Listened

From the recording Close to Me

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And I Listened

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I have lost my greatest battle
It’s only one but still it hurts

I really thought that you were ready
To judge a woman for her work

I am far, so far from perfect
Still I thought that you could see
How I’ve lived my life for service
How I love my country

And I listened to the preachers preach love

And I listened when I heard the words of god

Love your neighbor, welcome strangers, fight for justice

Oh the years have taught me patience
To stay the course I’ve played the part
I may seem cold, I am seem callous

A woman learns to hide her heart

And I listened to the teachers in school

And I listened when they said play by the rules

And I listened when they told me I could be what I wanted

And I wanted to break that ceiling

For all the girls whose hands are reaching

Still the glass is left un-shattered
Another man again will lead

And I listened when he said he’d build a wall

And I listened when he bragged he could kiss and grab them all
And I listened every time he made me small

And you listened
You listened