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P Is for Placenta

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We all learned once upon a time that when an egg and sperm collide
That egg becomes fertilized and eventually a baby
But there’s an unsung hero here, an afterthought we should revere
Before that egg turns embryo, it first becomes a zygote

That zygote cell divides and splits, and soon becomes a blastocyst
And that blastocyst makes two things, not just one
A brand new organ built from scratch
That feeds that fetus till it’s hatched
Now, everybody, raise a glass, a toast to the placenta!

P is for placenta, not pizza, pint or please
It’s the motherboard of human life, it’s everything you need

The placenta is a masterpiece of intricate design
A maternal fetal interface connecting space and time
Both hospital and pharmacy, a restaurant and more
It acts as kidneys, heart, and lungs until that baby’s born!

P is for placenta, not pasta or poutine
It’s a big box store, a smorgasbord
It’s everything you need!

The placenta isn’t pretty, it looks like a piece of meat
It smells musky like a liver, but it’s still a wholesome treat
You can roast it in the oven, dehydrate it into pills,
You can drink placenta smoothie, it is sworn to heal your ills!

P is for placenta, not perfume or potpourri
Its abilities are amazing, we finally see your beauty!
P is for placenta, we will pass you by no more
We celebrate your gift to life….
And raise a glass once more—placenta!