1. Arizona

From the recording Arizona

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Arizona, I am your precious daughter
I come with prayers to offer
Stand up and fight for me

Arizona, they have ripped away my freedom
They say God and life the reason
They don’t care that I’m divine

Arizona, I am begging you to see me
Embrace me and believe me
Let my body be my own
Arizona, Arizona, Arizona

Arizona, all this talk of life beginning
Can’t we talk about the living?
Please protect us as we grow

Arizona, is my body worth so little?
Am I really just a vessel?
With no value of my own?

Arizona, come close to me and hold me
Protect me like I’m holy
I am the child that you raised
Arizona, Arizona, Arizona

Arizona, you were a fierce and fearless mother
I could never run for cover
From the power of your sun

Arizona, the raging of your thunder
The lightning storms, the wonder
The vivid colors of your sky

When it rains it pours
And the washes fill like rivers
Won’t you cry for me and fight for me
Until I too am free?

Arizona, do not forsake your daughters
And the gifts we have to offer
The lives we have to live

Arizona, put an end to all this madness
Stop pretending life is precious
Only when a life begins

Arizona, I need you more than ever
Cherish me and never let them take this choice from me
Arizona, Arizona, Arizona, Arizona
Arizona, stand up and fight for me